The brand CM Usato (used) and site born by the power of the union of 12 operating centers to offer customers something unique..

Courtesy, reliability, availability, gained from decades of expertise available to all people who want to buy a used car in peace.

All of our dealerships are in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza with a constant availability of approximately 500 used cars to meet your needs.

In addition to the 12 operating locations have 3 bodies, 11 workshops, service tire change with storage and tow truck available for 24 hours.

CM Usato (used) is the only company of considerable size in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza which can guarantee a service articulated in the purchase and maintenance of a used car.

A large group of dealerships Premium awaits!

Also for your USED!


CM Group was established in March 2009 and is headquartered in San Martino Buon Albergo (VR) in the prestigious business center E33.

The idea simple, but winning, which is the basis of CM Group is to create a company that specializes in brokerage and advisory services to long-term lease with a major high.

Cm Group provides companies with sustainable mobility solutions and advanced through the Long Term Rental, the Brokerage, the Short term rental and consultancy in the sale of Used Cars.

Confirming our commitment to providing quality service and highly personalized, Cm Group guarantees its customers an ongoing professional advice.

Thanks to the specialization of the company in the brokerage and consulting on the long-term rental and outsourcing, CM Group can effectively manage the company car fleet of businesses and corporations, or equally provide the same services to private and free professional.

The mission of CM Group summarizes the characteristics of a dynamic, responsive and versatile, always ready to study new and customized solutions that ensure safe mobility and free from any concern.

Long Term Rental

  • San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)
    Viale del Lavoro, 33
    37036 San Martino Buon Albergo (VR)
    Tel +39 045 879 93 45



The Fimauto Autogemelli Group, exclusive BMW and MINI for the provinces of Verona and Vicenza,It is over 30 years a reference point for the estimators of the Bavarian brand, experiencing a continuingevolution, both the structure and the professionalism, up to reach a level organizationalvery high, with six locations and 150 employees. Group sites Fimauto Autogemelli, all modern and meet the latest high standards forsale and service of BMW and MINI are in Bussolengo, Verona, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa and Zanè.

In 2012 they were inaugurated in Verona and Vicenza two showrooms certified BMW Premium Selection and MINI NEXT to the sale of second.

To be qualified car BMW Premium Selection and Mini Next must have the following requirements:

  • Age under 5 years
  • Maximum Mileage 120,000 km
  • Overcome 92 checks carried out by specialized technicians (list available at our offices).

To fully protect the customer from any surprise the Fimauto Autogemelli Group addition to the legal guarantee grants,included in the price, a 12-month warranty and roadside assistance valid throughout Europe.

The Fimauto Autogemelli Group is also official dealer BMW Motorrad in the seats of Verona and Bassano with new sales,business, and used service.

The Group’s philosophy Fimauto Autogemelli is always the same: maximum professionalism of its employees,who regularly participate in training courses and update.
The greatest attention is paid to the needs of customers that are followed in all stages of the purchase and followed withthe utmost care even after purchasing the service.
Our workshops meet strict BMW standards regarding diagnosis tools, equipmentand machining processes.

Buy from Fimauto Autogemelli Group not just about certainty in the purchase of high-end products, but alsoa high quality service alongside the Customer, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  • Bussolengo (VR)
    Via del Lavoro, 19
    Tel. 045 6767787
    Fax 045 6701704
  • Verona
    Via Torricelli, 16
    Tel. 045 505791
    Fax 045 509857
  • Verona
    Via Torricelli, 44
    Tel. 045 8622044
    Fax 045 8621677
  • Vicenza
    Via dell'Economia, 6
    Tel. 0444 960505
    Fax 0444 962425
  • Bassano (VI)
    Viale Vicenza, 71
    Tel. 0424 505250
    Fax 0424 503345
  • Zanè (VI)
    Via Prà Bordoni, 62
    Tel. 0445 315282
    Fax 0445 315284



Dealership Autovega work with professionalism and passion for over 20 years and is a reference point in Vicenza and the province for the brands VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Ducati. With 4 locations in Arzignano, Vicenza Zanè, Autovega It is always close to its customers. The company philosophy is based on advice from the sale of the first order, supported by an after-sales service at the forefront. A perfect combination of experience and innovation that has allowed over the years to reach a level of excellence. Awarded the prestigious Volkswagen Service Quality Award, that includes the top 100 dealerships in Europe, is an enterprise Autovega solid and mature, supported by a group knit of professionals who work hard, day after day, for a single purpose:

Customer satisfaction.

Trust us, it’s Autovega!

  • Arzignano (VI)
    Via Bottego, 20
    Tel. +39 0444 477600
    Fax +39 0444 477650
  • Vicenza (VI)
    Via del Commercio, 25/27
    Tel. +39 0444 220000
    Fax +39 0444 220042
  • Vicenza (VI)
    Via Dello Stadio, 99
    Tel. +39 0444 477688
    Fax +39 0444 314742
  • Zanè (VI)
    Via Monte Pasubio, 138
    Tel. +39 0445 314400
    Fax +39 0444 477650
  • Bassano del Grappa (VI)
    Via S. G. B. de La Salle, 37
    Tel. +39 0424 517411
    Fax +39 0424 37103



Autosilver, dynamic and purposeful, and is fast-growing market. The strategic asset of the dealership is all focused on the pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction, not only in the purchase, but from first contact through to the next. What we want to pass on to customers is the great efficiency that characterizes Autosilver and brands Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

Autosilver was established in November 2009 and began its activities in April 2010 as the official dealership sales and service Mercedes-Benz and Smart.

They are part of the shareholder Carlo Bonetti, holder of other concessionaires in the provinces of Verona and Vicenza, and a man of great experience lived successfully in the automotive and Franz Kuen, a professional life dedicated to the car.

Even Autosilver as all other companies in the Group Bonetti has a focus on the management and sale of Used Cars !!!

  • Verona
    Via Ciro Ferrari, 2
    37135 Verona ( VR )
    Tel +39 045 8799311
    Fax +39 045 8799310